3 Important Types of Microscopes Used in Biology

As a biology student, there are a variety of microscope types that you’ll use in your studies. The primary purpose of a microscope is to observe and study small specimens that are hard to study with naked eyes. Through magnification and resolution, a student can study different elements. Magnification allows enlargement of the object under study, therefore, enabling a clear view of the specimen.

What many students don’t know is that there are different types of biology microscopes to help them do their studies. If you’re asking which lens to buy your kids, then you have come to the right page. In this article, we discuss 3 important types of microscopes used in biology. These include;

1. Dissecting Microscope

A dissecting lens or the stereoscope features a light illuminated design. It allows users to enjoy three-dimensional views of the specimen under study. It features two eyepieces, set at different angles. The microscope offers lateral and upright images. It also features 100x lens power.

2. Confocal or Light Microscopes

The fluorescent microscope is among the most common designs of confocal microscopes in the market. It can give details between 120 nanometers apart. The design uses intense lights which excites specimens’ molecules which give off the light. The light is what we call fluorescence, which the observer’s eye sees. It’s this fluorescence that offers a higher magnification as well as resolution. The microscope will feature most of the advantages as in the stereoscope.

3. Compound Microscopes

Compound microscope designs feature illuminated light. The difference between stereoscope and compound microscopes is that the later offers a two-dimensional specimen view. However, compound design can provide magnification of up to 400X. Modern designs, yet, have lens power of up to 2000x. The wavelength of the light limits the resolution. That makes it impossible to view details that are less than 200 nanometers apart. Compound microscopes are the most common microscopes used by biology students.

These are the three most common types of microscopes for biology students. If you wish to buy one for your kids, choose among the three, and you’ll not regret the choices – read article on how to handle a compound microscope.